The Wedell-Williams Air Service Comes to New Orleans

The Wedell-Williams Air Service originated on May 1, 1929, a time in which American aviation was full of potential. As increasing numbers of people attained pilot’s licenses, more air routes came into existence, and airplane exports increased. Originally operating out of the Wedell-Williams Airport in Patterson, Louisiana, the company set up a new location in New Orleans to expand their business.

James Wedell, the President of the air service, had previously worked for James Menefee of Menefee Airways in New Orleans. Harry Williams, Vice President of the Air Service and major financial backer of the company, bought out the company, gaining Menefee's airfield and equipment.

The Wedell-Williams Air Service used the Menefee Airfield in St. Bernard Parish while the new Wedell-Williams Airport was under construction in Jefferson Parish. The air service provided flight education and passenger service from its temporary home until the new airport was ready in 1931.



Jefferson Highway & Elmwood Park Blvd, New Orleans, LA