Jackson Barracks: "Building 35" and Post Headquarters

The current Post Headquarters buildings were built in the early 20th century and are deemed historic structures. They housed various offices over the years. Units headquartered in these buildings have included the 108th Cavalry, the 141st Field Artillery Regiment, and the 156th Infantry Regiment. Once memorialized as Deshotels Hall and Dayries Hall after former Louisiana Guard officers, they became known for their building numbers, "Building 36" and "Building 37."

Immediately after Hurricane Katrina, they were the only two buildings functioning until late 2007. White, wood-frame structures, they both contrast and complement the red brick of the other official post buildings. Building 36, now numbered 2011, functioned as the post HQ for years after Katrina. After remodeling it will become the center of operations for the State Military Department and its sister building, Building 2055 (formerly #37), will be Post HQ.

The red brick building in the middle of the two structures described above is currently Building 2033. "Building 35", its pre-Katrina numeric designation, was the center point of activity as Katrina flooded the post in 2005. Civilians rescued from nearby homes were taken there for refuge in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

Building 2033 was built in the 1990s as the State Area Command (STARC) Armory. Remodeled since Katrina, it is now intended to be Jackson Barracks' Education Center and Special Staff Offices. Upper Iowa University has a mini-campus in the building. Its mission is to aid soldiers in achieving their higher education goals. Starbase is a U.S. Military outreach program, aimed at middle school children, to nurture interest in science and technology. A daycare center is also present in the building.

Special staff offices include Inspector General, Chaplain, Staff Judge Advocate, and other soldier support operations.



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Post Headquarters, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, LA