Jackson Barracks: Fleming Hall

In the 1920s, Jackson Barracks was transferred from the regular Army to the state's National Guard. From 1936 to 1940, Louisiana adjutant general Raymond H. Fleming utilized the federal Works Progress Administration to provide renovation and new construction to the post. Included in the WPA project was a new headquarters building, later dedicated to the Louisiana commander.

Appointed by Governor Huey Long in 1928, General Fleming served with the Guard in World War I, commanded the Washington Artillery, and provided leadership during the Great Depression and World War II. Fleming administered the Selective Service System for Louisiana and oversaw the reorganization of the Louisiana National Guard after World War II. He also held the position of adjutant general from 1952-1956 and 1960-1964.

Fleming Hall served as the Guard's state headquarters until Hurricane Katrina. Just prior to the storm, it suffered a fire. It has since been restored and is in use as a conference building.



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Fleming Hall, Jackson Barracks, New Orleans, LA