Carrollton's First Ferry

Earliest ferry service from Carrollton across the Mississippi River to the West Bank area known as Nine Mile Point was operating by 1845. Rowers powered these skiff ferries. In the mid- and late 1800s, visitors to Carrollton could disembark the New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad and then walk 2 blocks towards the ferry terminal, which was located near the present-day river end of Cambronne Street.

"Around the city are situated extensive groves of oranges. The largest are those opposite Carrollton (7th Dist.) on Nine Mile Point (Mr. Austin Rountree's and Mr. Keep's) and those below Algiers. The Rountree (selected trees) and Keep groves are easily visited by taking the street cars to Carrollton and thence cross the river by the large skiff ferry." New Orleans Guide, James Zacharie, 1893