O-K Line: Kenner Depot & Felix Park

The town of Kenner was the western (or upper) terminus of the Orleans-Kenner interurban line from 1915 until service was discontinued in 1930.

During this time, the company also operated a "trolley park" along the line called Felix Park. It existed at the intersection of William Street (now Williams Boulevard) and 3rd Street (Jefferson Highway). Every summer, thousands of patrons took excursions along the O-K line to Kenner to picnic and dance to local jazz bands.

Unfortunately, the relocation of the Mississippi River levee at Kenner in the early 1930s claimed much of the land formerly occupied by Felix Park. (This is also why there is longer a 1st or 2nd Street along the river in Kenner.) A small portion survives today as public land at the foot of Williams Boulevard providing access to the river.

Another interesting aspect of the Kenner terminus is the turn-table which reportedly existed at this end, turning the interurban cars back around to make their return to New Orleans.

A series of improvements to Jefferson Highway during the mid- to late-1920s resulted in a paved road linking Kenner and New Orleans that contributed to a quick decline in patronage. Though the O-K Line was discontinued in 1930, its "Kenner Local" service remains in the nomenclature of the present bus service.