Building Charity Hospital, Architect Leon Weiss

Leon C. Weiss was a well-known Louisiana architect whose firm Weiss, Dreyfous and Seiferth designed many significant public buildings and other structures throughout Louisiana.

Governor Huey P. Long commissioned Weiss, one of Long's campaign contributors, to design the State Capitol Building, the Governor's Mansion, and several Louisiana State University campus buildings. Under the administration of Long's successor, Governor Richard Leche, Weiss received the contract to design Charity Hospital and many other public buildings. Weiss' connection with the Long machine led to his conviction for public corruption.

When it opened in 1939, the new Charity Hospital was the second largest hospital in the United States. Costing more than $12.5 million dollars, the 20 story building once maintained 3,490 beds. Weiss's building remains, but it has not re-opened since the 2005 floodwaters following Hurricane Katrina.