Pelican Stadium

In 1908, Pelican Park opened on South Carrollton Avenue, situated between Palmyra and Banks Streets. In 1915, sections of the stadium were dismantled and moved by mules to the corner of Tulane and Carrollton Avenues, where Heinemann Park opened.

The park was named after A.J. Heinemann, stadium owner and Pelicans shareholder who moved the team to their new stadium. On January 8, 1930, Heinemann shot himself in the head at the park after suffering great losses during the stock market crash. In 1938, Heinemann Park was renamed Pelican Stadium.

The stadium was home to New Orleans' first professional team, the Pelicans, from 1915 through 1957. 11,000 fans turned out for the first night game played in Pelican Stadium in 1936. The last game played in Pelican Stadium occurred on Sunday, September 1, 1957, before a sparse crowd of 941 who saw the Pelicans defeated by the Memphis Chicks.