Sierra Green Entertains The Entertainer

Frenchmen denizens are known for holding up their homegrown heroes rather than kowtowing to celebrity. (Think Coco Robicheaux, Uncle Lionel, Little Freddie King…) But that doesn’t mean that an internationally famous face in the audience can’t sometimes turn a regular gig into something special.

The Maison has one of the most varied music lineups on Frenchmen St, hosting rock, funk, brass bands, jazz, fusion and more. Singer and bandleader Sierra Green has been a regular part of the calendar on many memorable nights over the last decade. But when asked to describe her favorite night on Frenchmen, it was an audience member in the Maison that made the night special. 

“I actually went to a comedy show in 2019 before my gig, with my best friend and we were going to see all the great kings of comics and Cedric the Entertainer was there. I was just messing with my friend like, “Wouldn’t it be cool  if they come downtown to our show after the gig”? 

In many cities, this kind of speculation would simply be fantasy, with no possible chance of coming true.….But a few hours later:

“Girl, I’m singing on-stage when Cedric the Entertainer walks in with two All-Stars, they sit down and get a table and they record us and post us and all that good stuff and I got to meet them. So that was a favorite night for me ‘cause I was like, I manifested that!” 

Any musician knows that the audience is a key part of a show. Frenchmen street offers a unique format of audience, because the number of venues in a few blocks means that tourists and locals seeking music can wander up and down the street, in and out of different venues. This means musicians play for an ever-changing audience, as audience members go and see see 2 or 3 or even 4 different shows, without walking more than a few hundred feet. In turn, this means that gigs on Frenchmen, especially weekly or monthly or other regular gigs, can expose up-and-coming musicians to a larger audience than they would find anywhere else.

Sierra Green was in the right place at the right time, but that kind of place and time couldn’t happen anywhere else besides the music-venue clump on Frenchmen St. in New Orleans.



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