Streets on the Table: Introduction

In 2019, the New Orleans City Council launched a city-wide effort to change the names of streets honoring white supremacists. While the city implemented its renaming efforts, a clear need for an educational component to give context to the changes presented itself. Filling the gap, public history graduate students at the University of New Orleans created projects to illuminate the work of the Street Renaming Commission.

Produced in collaboration with the Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies, Streets on the Table is a podcast that reflects on the historical relevance of both the old and new street names. Hosted by two UNO graduate students, the podcast highlights the lives and histories unrecognized in the commemorative landscape. Listeners will learn about artists, self-liberating people, educators, scientists, and many others underrepresented in street signs, public memorials, and historical narratives. Stay tuned for the release of episodes on a rolling basis throughout the summer of 2022. Listen to the introduction episode below. 

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Streets on the Table: Introduction
In the introduction episode, co-hosts Eddie and Lauren introduce the origins of Streets on the Table.
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