Trinity Lutheran Church

In the 1870s, Lutheran residents of Algiers met with pastors from three existing Lutheran churches in New Orleans, including St. Paul (established 1840), Zion (established 1847), and St John (established 1852), and resolved to begin services for members of their denomination in Algiers. On June 28, 1875, Trinity Lutheran Church of New Orleans was established at 620 Eliza Street. Originally called the German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation in Algiers [Deiler, 100-101], the first service took place on September 19, 1875. The cornerstone for a church building was laid on October 24, 1875, following the purchase of two lots at Olivier and Eliza Streets. The church, built in just ten weeks, was dedicated on January 2, 1876.

The current wooden structure was built in 1911 and renovated in 1946. During Hurricane Katrina, the steeple blew off the building, exposing the interior to additional damage. The congregation restored the church, complete with its historic altar, stained glass windows, and carved pews, although the steeple belfry is now enclosed.



620 Eliza Street, Algiers LA