Algiers Courthouse

Built in 1896, this Moorish-influenced Richardsonian style building was built on the site of the former Duverje plantation, which was completely destroyed, along with approximately 200 other homes and businesses, on the night of October 20th, 1895.

Barthelemy Duverje purchased the land that we now know as Algiers Point from Martial Le Boeuf, on August 9th, 1805, for $18,000. The title is traced back to Louis Borepo, who acquired it February 3rd, 1770, by a grant from Don Alexander O’Reilly, Governor of the province of Louisiana, who then represented the crown of Castile under Charles III. The Duverje plantation home was built circa 1812-15 and was a splendid, strongly built, brick structure. Plantations and orange groves lined the river at this time, which was later to be replaced by sugar cane.

Barthelemy died in 1820, and his widow in 1839. The estate was divided among the heirs and Mrs. Evelina Duverje-Olivier, the widow’s daughter, received the fine old mansion, together with her share of the land adjoining. Over the years following, the plantation home went into a state of disrepair, at one point being used to house cattle.

The Police Jury Report of November 5th, 1866, mentions a proposition that the parish should buy the building, which was then being used as a school, known as St. George’s Academy. A week later, a committee suggested the building was “well fitted for Court House Offices and other requirements of the Parish.” The local jail was also situated there. Although the building was sound, it was in need of roof repairs.

The former Duverje mansion became the seat of justice of the right bank on March 13th, 1869. It was annexed to the City on March 14th, 1870, and designated as the Fifth District.
The present Courthouse is the third oldest continuously used courthouse in the State of Louisiana. Marriages, property assessments and small claims are now its everyday business. If open, go in and take a look at the old Courtroom upstairs and check out the view of the City across the river.



225 Morgan Street, Algiers LA