Fort Pike Volunteer Fire Department

Fort Pike Volunteer Fire Department has served the Rigolets community since 1956. In its earliest days, if a fire began in the community, the department had to pump water from the surrounding bodies of water to extinguish the blaze. Many of the volunteers resided in the community that they served. The department was almost forgotten after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their station, but it has since been rebuilt and once again protects the surrounding areas from fire hazards and storms. The building that now stands is dedicated to a local figure Rev. Authur Ginart, also known as "Father Red." For nearly 30 years, "Father Red" was the priest of Saint Nicholas of Myra Church, located in the Lake Catherine community not far from Fort Macomb. Before Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, the volunteer fire department Chief Joe Perez requested that "Father Red" evacuate, but he refused. Joe was the last person to see the priest alive. "Father Red" is believed to have drowned during the storm, and his body was never recovered. The community still mourns his passing.

The next stop, Fort Petite Coquilles, is best viewed from the parking lot of Fort Pike. Exit the firehouse, then bear right along the service road and follow signs to the fort parking lot, about .5 miles.