Krewe of Carrollton Revelry, 1936

Rare family photographs preserved by the Birrcher Family allow glimpses into Mardi Gras as it once was celebrated on Oak Street. These help to document the lost tradition of neighborhood-based parade routes and celebrations. Several years later, the parade's spot on the Carnival calendar was moved to the Sunday before Mardi Gras.

The following memories were recorded in 2008 when UNO history graduate student Nicole Romagossa interviewed family members about their long connection to Carrollton history.

My family’s roots are deep in the Carrollton/Oak Street area. My great grandmother, Pauline Stubbs, was raised in the first house built in Carrollton when dairy farms existed where closely built houses sit today. Her father, Robert Stubbs, was the first Chief of Police of Carrollton when Carrolton was still part of Jefferson Parish. As a child, I loved to hear my grandparents and great aunts tell stories about their lives in old Carrollton. I especially loved to hear my mother and grandfather talk about his reign as King of Carrollton with my mother as a page in his court.

During the 1930s, the Krewe of Carrollton paraded on Mardi Gras afternoon and was quite an event for the Carrollton residents. Years later, when my parents were dating, my mother was telling my father about the year that she was a page in the Krewe of Carrollton. As it turned out, my father marched in that very parade with his school band. How typical for New Orleans natives to discover the common thread that draws us together.