Krewe of Carrollton, Royal Court of 1936

The 1936 Court of the Seventh District Carnival Club. In 1933, the club had made history as the only daytime parade of the Mardi Gras season because of heavy rains. A fire in 1938 forced the krewe to use loaner floats from other krewes until 1941.

The club stopped parading during the Second World War. In 1947, John Ackerman reformed the club as the Krewe of Carrollton, with a 10 float parade. In 1948, Carrollton changed its schedule to parade on the first Sunday of the Mardi Gras season, instead of their traditional Mardi Gras Day. In 1950, Carrollton was the first krewe to be pulled by tractors. Seven years later, the krewe rented floats to the Krewe of Zeus and helped them get started. In 1959, Carrollton, still parading on Oak Street, changed its route to pass in front of Gallier Hall.

The Krewe of Carrollton for many years had a tradition of presenting each king, queen, and captain with a small porcelain doll wearing a miniature replica of their costume for their year.