According to Al Kleindienst, after selling their family's Club Forest to the Mills brothers, Al Schorling and Carlos Marcello, the O'Dwyers opened a club at 100 Jefferson Highway in 1949 called "O'Dwyer's."

"It was a way of life in new Orleans. They, my mother-in-law, they never really had a lot of money. He was a lieutenant with the fire department. My father-in-law. But once or twice a month [people] would get dressed up and come to Beverly or O'Dwyer or something like that and just enjoy it. Just eating good and gambling a little. And the music, and they'd dance and everything. It was just a way of life. It was really nice. But. Like I said... Washington didn't get their share [in taxes], and that was the end of that. So it's a way of life that just stopped going on." Al Kleindienst, Interview, 12 Nov. 2012.