Al Kleindienst on Club Owner "Birthday" Cakes

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Al Kleindienst explained that he met a Dakin Street club owner because the owner would frequent the Kleindienst bakery. Al asked the man why he was always buying so many birthday cakes, and the owner explained that "if he was informed that they was going to have a raid, they would turn the table upside down, put the cake in the middle of the table, and everybody would gather around and they would start singing happy birthday."

Courtesy of interview with Al Kleindienst on 11/12/12


Al Kleindienst's Bakery

Al Kleindienst's Bakery

This is a picture of Al Kleindienst's bakery where he sold the birthday cakes used by club owners to thwart police raids. Image Courtesy of Al Kleindienst. View File Details Page

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