The Great Poor Boy Debate

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Cartoonist and artist Bunny Matthews, radio personality and food writer Tom Fitzmorris, and Vance Vaucresson of Vaucresson's Sausage Company engage in a lively debate regarding the proper way to order New Orleans' favorite sandwich: Po-Boy or Poor Boy.

Bunny Matthews, best known for creating the "Vic and Nat'ly" cartoon, published a groundbreaking history of the po-boy in 1981 in the Times-Picayune and launched the first (but short-lived) po-boy festival decades before the current Po-Boy Festival debuted in 2007. Tom Fitzmorris hosts "The Food Show" on 1350AM and authors restaurant reviews for New Orleans CityBusiness. Fitzmorris also has published several books regarding New Orleans food culture. Vance Vaucresson's family has operated the city's best known sausage company since 1899. The Vaucressons sell various sausage po-boys during Po-Boy Fest and other festivals. The accompanying photographs capture other great moments in Po-Boy Fest history.

These video excerpts were recorded during the first history panel discussion held as part of the inaugural Po-Boy Festival in 2007. The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities funded the History Center activities. Since 2011, the Po-Boy Fest History Center has been located at Squeal Bar-B-Q at 8400 Oak Street.


Po-Boy/Poor Boy Debate

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